Healthy eco-system provides vital goods & services to human beings & sustains life on the earth. This can be achieved by managing the environment & resources around us in a eco-friendly & sustainable manner. Our Company has been in the forefront of sustaining business in a very efficient & productive manner over the years.

Some of the areas that our Company has contributed to sustain the eco-system can be attributed to the following factors that the Company has always been committed to.

Our Company protects its sustainability values through a Risk Management procedures & practices that can sustain the environment & resources in a manner that reduces the impact on the environment & enhances the productivity of the resources in an environment friendly manner.

Our Company’s Top Management considers our employees as its strength. Keeping the employees welfare at the top of the Company’s Agenda has helped the Company to achieve sustainability in a healthy manner.

Our Company has built a good communication system with its Customers, Clients, Statutory Authorities & Society at large with an objective to increase wealth in a sustainable manner without impacting the surroundings & challenging the principles of natural justice.

Our Company’s top business decisions are taken in a collective manner giving due importance to the contributing factors which can reduce impact in the eco-system without prejudice.

Our Company gives top most priority to the protection of the Company’s eco-friendly image which has been built over the years by taking up innovative eco-friendly initiatives on a continual basis.

We assure our Customer / Client / Interested Parties & Society at large that we have the capacity to enhance our potential, the manpower & technology to implement positive sustainability measures.

The employees in the Company are trained on a time to time basis on the effects of negative impact of ignoring the sustainability standards that we have to maintain as a Company & as an individual & the employees take a pledge to commit to contribute to EDAC’s Sustainability Mission along with the Top Management.


We are an ISO 45001:2018 Certified Company accredited by TÜV SÜD Group Asia Pacific, Chennai for Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS).

EMS – Environmental Management System

We are an ISO 14001:2015 Certified Company accredited by TÜV SÜD Group Asia Pacific, Chennai for Environmental Management System Standard (EMS).